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Niamh Kiernan



Business Coach

Helping you achieve the lifestyle you desire without sacrificing precious family time.  


You don't have to sacrifice your lifestyle to spend quality time with your kids.

My proven system can help you achieve the perfect balance between work and family life, giving you the best of both worlds.

BUT time waits for no one…


Click the button below to learn more and take
the 1st step towards finding the solution
for that better life for you and your family.

Niamh is an experienced, confident & motivated Leader who is a true example of how this industry changes lives. She has achieved over €20 million in Team Sales globally, which is growing every day & has held the Top Position in her company for many years. She is renowned for her exceptional trainings and has spoken at many International Company events.


Niamh is passionate about the industry as it allows ordinary people to live an extraordinary life. Over almost 2 decades she has helped thousands of people achieve what matters most to them, using her company as a vehicle.


Niamh's reason for getting started 17 years ago
was that she was looking for change.


She was fed up having to choose every day whether she could be a present, stay at home mum or have to go out to work for someone else. She always knew there had to be a better way. Even though she initially said NO to this way of working, a year later she looked again and got started, not only did she replace her salary, but also that of her husband, James too. 


This industry has allowed both Niamh & James to be present, stay at home parents to their three children in their younger years & never miss a moment, something that they will be forever grateful for.  But hands down their biggest accomplishments have been the lives they have helped change along the way with the people Niamh has worked with. 


Building an online business has never been better

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